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The Warriors of the Rebellion Wiki (or WotR Wiki for short) is a website devoted to honoring veterans, both North and South, of the great American Civil War. The site takes it name from War of the Rebellion, the most common name used by Northern publications and records during and immediately after the conflict.

Many attempts have been made to compile these records into various databases since the war ended in April of 1865, but the sheer volume of information and lack of accessibility to the material necessarily makes these databases incomplete. The prevalence of the internet, while making the collection of these materials cheaper and easier than ever before, also spreads them out over many places. This site aims to amalgamate these resources like never before.

By modeling the website after the popular site Wikipedia, soldiers come alive in ways that only modern technology and hindsight can accomplish. Every soldier of every regiment has their own profile, their own feature page. Any information that exists about them, including letters, diaries, pictures, artifacts, and more, can be added directly to their profile and linked to all the relevant people, places, and events they encountered in their wartime travels. As more information becomes available the profiles can be easily updated and sourced, making every soldier's story that much more complete.


What You'll Find

How YOU Can Help

To Arms! A call goes out to all willing able-bodied volunteers! Of course donations are always accepted, but there are many ways to help.

  • Do you have authentic Civil War artifacts? - The WotR Wiki is always looking for images of authentic Civil War items used or worn by those who fought. More specifically, the Wiki seeks to attribute these items to individuals, however artifacts that can be attributed to specific units or battles are also appreciated.
  • Do you have authentic letters or diaries? - A key part of telling a soldier's story is the part of the story they wrote themselves. Images of the pages, along with text transcriptions, are the centerpieces of any soldier's profile and are certainly welcome here.
  • Do you have images of soldiers? - Images of the soldiers themselves and any information known about the image also contributes greatly to our understanding of their story.
  • Do you have a Civil War relative? - If you have personal knowledge beyond that written in official records of a soldier from your family who served, the WotR Wiki staff would love to hear from you.
  • Are you a Civil War Reenactor? - Your experiences and input are welcome here as well. The WotR Wiki has an entire section devoted to reenactor information.
  • Do you have programming experience or knowledge? - WotR Wiki is always looking for help updating and formatting pages. Specifically, those who have worked with wikis before, or those who have knowledge of CSS and Javascript will be able to put their skills into practice.
  • Are you a writer or a historian? - Our articles must be accurate and well-written. We will always have use for these skills.
  • Even if nothing above applies to you but you would like to contribute to to WotR Wiki, we can help you create an account and get started right away! We accept all who are willing to learn!