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This page lists all the sources used to compile data for the WotRWiki.

State and Federal Sources

State Sources

  • Documents published by the Adjutant General of that state
  • Manuscripts published by individuals or entities from that state


  • Any source relating to multiple Union and/or Confederate operations as a whole

Types of Sources

The WotRWiki uses many different kinds of sources to assemble the information you see on this site.

Reference Sources

Roster Sources

Digital Editions

Many sources on the WotRWiki are included as Digital Editions. Sources included in this format appear as a table of contents, but can be expanded to show the entirety of the chapter. The format is designed to allow ease of access when cross checking information across multiple chapters and sources, or for researching multiple sources simultaneously.

Full List

Click on the name of the source to go to its homepage and learn more.

WotRWiki Source Material
Name of Source Author State / Federal Type Status Contents
A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion Frederick H. Dyer Federal (Union) Reference 1/3 Uploaded Dyer's Compendium is one of the leading sources of information regarding the Civil War. Using the Army and Navy Official Records Series, Dyer compiled information in three parts, often published separately in print.
  • Part I lists various statistical information about the units furnished by the States in the conflict, including a master roster of units in each of the Union armies
  • Part II is a full index of every recorded scout, skirmish, and battle throughout the war
  • Part III is a collection of regimental histories detailing the movements and designations of most Union units
Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War George H. Brown, Adjutant General State (Michigan) Roster Complete This roster set lists every soldier who served in the conflict from the state of Michigan, arranged in 46 volumes. Each volume covers a single regiment (with the exception of volume 46, which includes partial rosters from other units with Michigan troops) and all troops are arranged alphabetically within each volume.
Regimental Losses in the American Civil War William F. Fox Reference Federal (Union) 0% Complete (Digital Edition)