Occupation of Atlanta, Georgia

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Occupation of Atlanta, Georgia - Multiple units occupy the city of Atlanta in Fulton County, Georgia from September 2-November 15, 1864


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Union Troops

  • 20th Army Corps:[1]
Division Brigade Regiments and
Smaller Units

1st Division
Alpheus S. Williams (Brigadier General)
Joseph F. Knipe (Brigadier General)[2]

1st Brigade

Joseph F. Knipe (Brigadier General)
Warren Packer (Colonel)[3]

2nd Brigade

Thomas H. Ruger (Brigadier General)

3rd Brigade

James S. Robinson (Colonel)
Horace Broughton (Colonel)

2nd Division
John W. Geary (Brigadier General)

1st Brigade

Charles Candy (Colonel)
Ario Pardee Jr. (Colonel)[4]

2nd Brigade

Patrick Henry Jones (Colonel)
George W. Mindil (Colonel)[5]

3rd Brigade

David Ireland (Colonel)]]

3rd Division
William T. Ward (Brigadier General)

1st Brigade

Benjamin Harrison (Colonel)

2nd Brigade

John Coburn (Colonel)]]

3rd Brigade

James Wood (Colonel)

Corps Artillery Brigade[6]

John A. Reynolds (Major)

John D. Woodbury (Captain)
Charles Aleshire (Captain)
Marco B. Gary (Captain)

Unattached Units

Reserve Brigade

Heber Le Favour (Colonel)


George P. Buell (Colonel)

Siege Artillery

Arnold Sutermeister (Captain)


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  • Originally referenced this way in Dyer, order of battle per Wikipedia shown. Listed on all individual unit homepages except 58th Indiana Infantry
  • From July 28 to August 27
  • From July 28 to August 27
  • From August 4
  • From August 8
  • Organized July 27